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aka: How to sell an app to Fairfax in 6 months

Ever dreamt of being able to mix and match all the best fitness classes in your city, without being locked into the limited offerings of a single gym or studio? 

This was the dream of HelloFlexi founders Pete and Clarence. 

Pete and Clarence met at a personal training course, after leaving their accounting day jobs behind. Being fussy about their choice in fitness classes themselves, they decided to find a way to attend their favourite classes around the city, without paying a premium for each separate class. Teaming up with independent gym operator, Daniel, the HelloFlexi founders began to formulate some direction with their idea.

HelloFlexi initially connected with during a game of underwater rugby (yes, that’s a thing). worked with the HelloFlexi team to scope the concept and step them through the viability of the business options in front of them, and how the business model could be achieved using the available technology. 

Together, they brought on board over 180 fitness studios, and networked them together using a web app and the MindBody API. By purchasing a membership to HelloFlexi, members now had easy access to book their dream class schedule online, from a variety of providers.

HelloFlexi launched online in November 2014, with the Android and Apple phone apps following in 2015. The membership base continues to grow, and the list of partner fitness studios and independent gyms continues to increase.

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Clarence Ho
Managing Director at HelloFlexi

"Phil has the impressive ability to solve complex problems as our HelloFlexi CIO.

Through his combination of logic and creativity he was able to come up with a unique set of innovative software solutions."