Hey there, I’m Phil.


I love hearing great ideas, and I’m keen to hear yours - but first, let me tell you a little bit about me, and our Melbourne web development business, botbotdot.com.

botbotdot.com began as a small one-man operation on a beach in Vietnam. I worked on projects and startups with the many intelligent, creative entrepreneurs I met in my travels.

While I was idea-hatching and dream-bigging with the best of them, I couldn’t help but notice that I was always ‘that guy’ in the group that helped everyone get their projects off the ground. This has kept me alert to changes and developments in technology, and led me to develop and absorb a useful cache of skills and knowledge.

My technical abilities were continuously enlisted by the inspired people around me. And so, in embracing my role as ‘helpful geek friend’, botbotdot.com was born.

Meet our handpicked team

Dave Richardson
Melbourne, Australia
Phil Steinke
Digital Strategy
Melbourne, Australia
Sam Rogers
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Louise Ostigaard
Graphic Design
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Public Relations
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Jack Murtagh
Melbourne, Australia
Faith Stephenson
Social Media
Melbourne, Australia
Jessica Rostas
Public Relations
Melbourne, Australia
Jack Kirby Crosby
Melbourne, Australia
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Why work with us?

I love meeting people with big dreams, and helping them succeed.

I love the rush of ideas that comes with a new project, and then the strategy, analysis, and technical execution that follow.

I love when a client gets noticed because of our work together.

So that’s me. Now I’m eager to hear about you – your story, your project, your idea. 

I’m already excited. I can help you make it happen – and I’m sure you’re curious about the cost – I know I would be. Get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide a free estimate for your project, and discuss what we can achieve together.
Clarence Ho
Managing Director at HelloFlexi

"Phil has the impressive ability to solve complex problems as our HelloFlexi CIO.

Through his combination of logic and creativity he was able to come up with a unique set of innovative software solutions."